1973 Ambassador


This car has spent the last 15 years parked.  What you see here is how it looked when it was pulled out of its resting place.  The worst of the cobwebs and leaves were knocked away: that's it.  What you are seeing is the raw car, as it exists today, with nothing done to disguise its condition. 

This car  is in California, owned by the son of the original purchasers.
It was running when parked, with no problems in any portions of the drive train.

It is has a 360 ci V-8 engine with a four bbl and automatic transmission.  Power steering, power brakes, factory AC, AM/FM .  The interior, except for the fabric on the seats (covered by seat covers) is  in very good condition.  The exterior shows some wear.  The paint is rough, and one tail light lens is broken.  The car had some bodywork to one fender done in the mid-1970's, and there is some mild cracking.  It has 97,000 miles on the odometer.



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